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2020 Triumphs

Over the past year, I have become progressively more resolute about creating my own path and being more aligned to my vision and dreams, which is something I touched on in my previous post. I low-key think that what I achieved in the last quarter is more than what I have been able to do for my career in the past couple of years combined.

I successfully completed my Marketing Strategy course Cum Laude. I then wrote my first contributing article for an international online magazine called Women On Topp, which is a publication which aims to inspire, encourage and elevate women in their career, business, life, and beyond. I also made a small investment in myself which allowed me to become a member of MASA (professional body for the South African marketing profession) and a designated as an Associate Marketer, which pre-empts the journey to eventually becoming a Chartered Marketer – that is how high of a regard I hold my career. I even found myself named as a finalist for 2020 Accenture Rising Star Awards in the Media and Marketing category – I am still, at this very minute, going through the emotions of being in disbelief and having a sense of pride at such an accomplishment at my age.

It becomes easy to forget about yourself and what you want when you’re inundated and bogged down with anxieties about the pandemic, GBV, the effects of corruption and possibilities of unemployment. The journey towards being a finalist in the Rising Star awards amplified not only my milestones thus far and what lies ahead but also the importance of working towards something bigger than just making it through the everyday tasks; having a sense of purpose and a North Star to keep you in line. Things like contests, competitions – or anything that requires you to bring out your competitive streak – are a great form of getting you to get back to basics about what really drives you. My heart is brimming with gratitude to the ones who rooted for me and always had words on encouragement from the get go.


We might not know who the formal winners of the Rising Star Awards are yet, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that this process has helped me conquer those niggling insecurities that did just enough for me to not trust my abilities and judgement. And that sure feels like a win on its own.

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