2021: Will I Still Be Blogging?

Firstly, happy new year! A year like no other has come and gone and we can most certainly be grateful for the gift of life. We look into 2021 armed with faith, good spirits, and a positive outlook.

I’m getting a bit candid here: my blog has been bothering me for a while now. It’s been up and running for almost 2 full years and while it hasn’t been my sole focus, I become a bit frustrated when I think about it. Considering that I have been doing the writing and development myself, I am quite chuffed with how this blog has taken shape. However, I feel like should be serving a much bigger purpose; one that is in line with my ambitions, passions, and vision.

I have been toying with a few ideas about what happens here. Either I A) do a complete re-brand B) gradually transition to my desired niche or C) can this whole blogging thing altogether until I figure out what I want. I find myself asking “Am I using this blog to its full potential?” “Am I even doing this thing properly?”

I have never wanted to be an “influencer”, “content creator” or anything like that. I think there are certain people for that and I am just not one of them. For me, this has always been about developing my own little creative spot to share some of the finds or thoughts I have on a regular i.e going back to the true essence of what blogging really is about.

With that being said and to answer the question, yip – I will continue blogging in 2021. I have decided to stop pressuring myself to have it all figured out for my blog and to just trust the process. Should I need to re-look the platform soon, then so be it but for now, let’s take it one post at a time.

Chat soon,

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