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3 Things Lockdown Taught Me About My Goals

2020 really decided it’s going to be that year that forces us to sit down, face the wall and think about our actions. We are all bound to have a different way of thinking, doing and going about life now; how we view relationships, our lifestyles, our careers and the other facets of our lives.

The general aftermath of the global crisis was a much needed eye-opener which triggered me to really get out of the mindset of complacency. At any given moment, things can change and force us to adjust. In light of this unpleasant situation, I aligned my thoughts, actions and re-thought my career strategy. Below are 3 things that lockdown taught me about my goals and the process to achieving them.

Believe In Yourself More Than Others Do

So often, maybe even without realizing it, we wait on others to realise our value; to give us that validation and recognition that we are doing something right. We subconsciously expect them to believe in us more than we do in ourselves. Determining your worth and what you are capable of based on how others choose to see you is one of the quickest ways to wreck your self-esteem; you’ll feel as good as how people choose to elevate and celebrate you in any particular day. It may be a contrived expression, but you have to know and be solid in your worth  – outside and independent of any person or place. Have unwavering confidence in your abilities. Also, have something going for yourself; something where you can say “hey, I did that – all on my own, and I didn’t have to wait for someone to get it for me.” That way, you’ll know that whatever happens, you’ll have all the tools and confidence you need to go fearlessly in the direction of your dreams.

Align Your Everyday Actions To Your Long Term Goals

Aligning to your long terms goals lies your everyday activities – what you choose to do when you get home from work, the conversations you are part of, your circle of friends, who you choose to follow and engage with on social media; these are the everyday factors that influence our thinking and ultimately our actions. Envision the bigger picture of where you see yourself in the next few years and make certain that your everyday actions are what will help you attain it. You can’t expect to become a best-selling author when you aren’t doing the everyday reading and writing to help sharpen that skill. You can’t expect to spontaneously become what you aspire to be if you aren’t taking the steps to get there every single day.

Be Flexible

In as much as we can plan and detail our goals year on year, as we have seen we have to be open to the idea of change. This is not to say that the end goal is no longer valid, it just means that we have to consider the idea of some of our short term goals being delayed or maybe even brought forward. These difficult times have birthed different and new career journeys for a lot of people around the globe. How many do you think have been compelled to begin their entrepreneurial journeys earlier than planned due to an emerging gap in the market or even losing their 9-5? Be clear about the goal but flexible to the process.

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