3 Ways To Beat Year-End Fatigue

It’s almost year-end. And it’s that time of the year where you need 3 extra shots of motivation in the morning to keep going at (some-what) full steam. Year-end fatigue is real and it can set you back a few steps if you don’t’ beat it. Instead of seeing your work to-do list decrease, it’s actually increasing and spilling over on to multiple pages. Your body seems to be working against you and you feel like you have to physically drag yourself from one place to the next. Sound familiar? Here are 3 ways to beat year-end fatigue.


Start thinking about what you want to do and achieve next year.  You will probably realise that some of what you want to do requires you to start preparing this year. The idea of not wanting to start off on the back foot should be enough motivation to at least want to start your year in gear.


Do more of what helps you unwind or feel a little lighter. Personally, doing makeup on a super stressful or “demotivating” day makes me feel better about myself. It doesn’t make me look like my problems.


Also, make it a point to have daily work down-time. If you are an early riser and tend to put in extra hours outside of normal work hours, make a commitment to only put in those hours at specific times. So don’t be the person who wakes up early to work and then comes back from the office to continue plugging away. Set your out of office work time and stick to it. And tools down outside of that.



Standing in front of a stove to cook seems like a mammoth-sized task at the end of a workday. It’s tempting to shovel a bag of chips and call it a day, but there are quicker healthier-eating options available. Buy pre-chopped vegetables, roast or boil them with some seasoning, grill a piece of meat, and dinner is served. Sometimes you are not that hungry and can get away with snacking on a banana and apple and calling it a day. It’s certainly much better than a bag of chips. I also tend to negotiate with myself. Over-indulgence season is approaching so eating healthy now offsets all the junk I am likely to eat in December (yeah, it gets that bad where I have to do internal negotiations).

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