366 Opportunities

And just like that, we have started a new year –  and a new decade. 2020: 366 opportunities to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

If anything, God really challenged my faith as well as the strength and quality of the relationships I was part of 2019. When it rained, it made darn sure it was pouring; maybe throw in some hail stones for ambience. The year started with a bit of a jolt when I unexpectedly (and literally) forced to move out my comfort zone. This basically set the tone for the rest of the year. I felt uncomfortable and, in some instances, very out of place and disjointed within my surroundings. In the face of adversity, I learnt to take each day as it came. Sometimes just getting through the day was a conquest on its own. I definitely wouldn’t put a medical label on it or try and identify some sort of condition, but I know that I was experiencing a muddle of frustration and fear.

“Trust the process” – an overused but perhaps fitting phrase to encapsulate my 2019. I grew emotionally and mentally, probably in more ways than I ever expected. My naivety almost trounced me yet when I look back, I see that it was necessary as it taught me how to swim with the sharks and step into my higher self. Where I thought I wasn’t worthy, God showed me that I was more than worthy. And capable. I stopped watering the dead plants in my life too. The relationships that weren’t meant for me naturally fell away and I fostered the ones that had proven to be purposeful.

In 2020, I wish to embody the phrase coined by Zozibini Tunzi in the Miss Universe 2019 finals – To take up space and cement myself. What does this mean for me? More often than we realise, we shrink ourselves to avoid being the odd one out. Or we subconsciously believe that we aren’t good enough to have a seat at the table. Here’s to eradicating that mentality. To making ourselves seen and heard. Heck, to even creating our own tables and seating arrangements!


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