Book Review: We’re Going To Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union

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Wine, Tea, Gin & Tonic – whatever your favourite beverage is, you will definitely be needing more of it as you read through this little treasure by Gabrielle Union. I’m sure we all know the author from the movies Bring It On, Think Like A Man and the TV series Being Mary Jane. In this book We’re Going To Need More Wine, Union has put together for us with a collection of her life stories – from growing up in Pleasanton to the pinnacle of her acting career in Hollywood. Union chats us through her encounters throughout the years with issues of racism, colourism, sexuality, bullying, infertility and even rape. For me, going through the book felt less like reading a  celebrity memoir and more like a lunch time catch-up session with my best girlfriend.

Non sugar-coated reality

“I want people to make informed, joyful choices about sex. Because I love sex. In the heyday of my twenties and thirties, I loved the variety. Now that I am married, I am in a monogamous relationship. But I used to think monogamy was for suckers who didn’t have options.” – Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union does not shy away from sharing candid truths and thoughts in this book and this is precisely why I enjoyed it so much – it’s unfiltered. And what makes it that extra special is that the everyday woman can say “hey, me too! I know what you are talking about!” She reveals her struggles with fitting into different racial groups, the infidelity in her parent’s AND her own marriage as well as the distressing details of her rape. So be prepared to cringe, cry and laugh. I went through a mixed bag of emotions myself. The humiliation endured by Union’s mother when her father started seeing another woman had me disheartened and Union’s rape at gunpoint left me mortified. But the way Union relayed the episode where she was chased by Queeshaun for supposedly “stealing” her best friend’s boyfriend had me in stitches with laughter. 

Relating To The Read

The book is not written in chronological order but rather each chapter centred around a specific thematic or event that took place. The start of a new chapter will either propel you forward or pull you backward from the time frame that the previous chapter was set in – which I found a bit jarring at times. Of course, you will probably find that there are chapters that are more relatable or interesting to you than others. There will be parts where you savour every word but also sections where you can get away with a skim read.

This is a light-hearted, engaging read that I will probably find myself reaching for just to go through the lessons and laughs again.

You can purchase a physical copy of the book online on Loot or Takealot.

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Overall Rating
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