Going On Solo Dates: Odd Or Ordinary?

solo date

I don’t know when or how I developed the bravery to go on solo dates – and I say “bravery” because I have received a few raised eyebrows or comments of skepticism when I mention the idea of dining in or going out to places where people don’t typically go alone.  I am also an introvert by nature but solo dates don’t seem to trigger any coyness whatsoever with regards to openly sitting alone in public spaces.   



Think Of It As A Form Of Self-Care

I do enjoy being out and about with friends and family, but I sometimes find it necessary just to dim the noise and spend some time with myself. I am one of those people who are not afraid of their own company. I quite enjoy just being indoors either reading a book, watching a movie, browsing through YouTube and napping. But sometimes when I do want a change in scenery, I opt to take myself out for breakfast or lunch. I actually wanted to prioritise one solo date a month this year but somehow that has fallen by the wayside. I must admit that I have had a bad habit of just being on my phone when I’m out. But I want to start immersing myself into my current read and just enjoying the ambiance without having the distraction of a phone.  


Solo dates don’t have to be limited to lunches and breakfasts. I am keen on exploring more options myself that are in line with my interests such as going to a theatre. A good friend of mine has even done a solo-cation to Mozambique before. Sounds a bit outlandish but it’s something that is definitely up my alley once I get my coins together. The only thing that I perhaps feel uneasy about having to get the confidence to approach strangers and asking them to take pictures of me, but I guess we can cross that bridge when we get there.



Step Out Your Comfort Zone

Going on a solo date doesn’t need to be an awkward experience or a foreign concept. You don’t need a significant other or any other person for that matter to take yourself out. You don’t have to spend a fortune either – it can just be a quick coffee and a croissant break where you catch-up up with the morning news. Being in a different setting other than your bedroom or couch puts you in a position where you are less likely to be distracted and you can just focus on that one thing that you would like to get done.


If you’re still feeling apprehensive about openly being alone, rather pick a quieter time of the day when there’s not so much hustle and bustle. I also choose to sit in a corner booth or table so that I’m not dead in the middle of all the busy-ness. Once you go on one, you’ll realise that it’s actually not that daunting and that there’s actually quite a few other people who are out on their own too.

Chat soon,


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