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Guest Blogger: Dear 20-something, here is free advice from a 30-something

There’s a first time for everything and to mark the beginning of women’s month (and my birthday month), I thought it would be awesome to try something new and feature a guest blogger, Yolanda Rose Haripersad, to chat about why  women in their 20’s need to manage their finances and how they can do it.  You can find out more about Financially Fabulous Females, as well as my guest blog post here.

Yolanda Rose Haripersad is a mother, wife, serial entrepreneur, digital marketer, wealth advisor and host of The Digital Masters Podcast & the Wealth Nation Podcast. 

Please read and enjoy!

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I wish I had opened my ears when I was in my 20’s…so here I am trying to change the world.

Make Financial Literacy a top priority.

 According to Visa’s 2013 International Barometer of Women’s Financial Literacy, local statistics suggest that South African women are among the least financially literate women in the world. There are many resources available. This month, August 2019, I launch The Wealth Nation Podcast, a podcast for every mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, and wife – and the men that are smart enough to listen. This podcast is aimed at empowering women of all ages to take control of their financials. I speak to the biggest and brightest CEO’s, Executives and Entrepreneurs as they advise, teach and empower us on personal finance and business. Click here to listen now.

Actually make a budget. No, seriously, make a budget

Before you can do anything — make investments, save for retirement, save for a vacation, man, even save for Christmas — you have to know how much you spend. If you have not had a good role model with money, there are free tools out there, with Excel is your friend. In episode 3 of the Wealth Nation Podcast, I show you how to build a budget.

Learn a high-income skill

Digital Marketing, Copywriting, and Selling are all high-income skills. Use these skills to start a side hustle. One income is not enough. South Africa is changing and you need to change also. One income is never enough.

Even though you’re young, save for retirement; preferably in a Retirement Annuity

Now, this is more annoying than just setting aside part of your income for an emergency. You’re saving for something that’s not going to happen in, hopefully, a very long time. But the benefits of starting early are huge. If your employer offers a pension plan, contribute as much as you possibly can, especially if there’s an employer match which is one of the best deals you can get. Also, if you can, start saving and investing early. Eventually, you want to be contributing around 15% or 20% of your income to retirement savings. The tax benefits and rebates of retirement annuities in South Africa are favourable. 

Learn how to cook

This is not because a woman’s place is in the kitchen but because it is expensive to eat out. I actually mastered this one…so I have bragging rights.

Finally, create your own sunshine & live your own life.

This August, in celebration of Women’s Month in South Africa, I launched a new podcast focusing on empowering women on their personal finance and entrepreneurial journey. The Wealth Nation Podcast launches on 1 August 2019. The show is for every mother, daughter, grandmother, sister, and wife -and the men who are smart enough to tune in. The show brings you all you need to know about investments, business, property investments, personal finance, and all-round financial wellness.

In my first episode, I speak to one of South Africa’s female financial powerhouses, Magda Wierzycka, founder and CEO of Sygnia, a financial services company. She gives us 7 things that women should do to get their finances in order.

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To celebrate our launch, were are giving away a 1 oz Silver Kruger Rand. Simply listen to the Wealth Nation Podcast, and leave us an honest review on iTunes. Take a screenshot of your review and send it to us via direct message on Instagram or Facebook. If you do not have an iPhone, you can download iTunes on your computer, subscribe to the Wealth Nation Podcast and leave an honest review.


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