How I Prepare For A Productive Work Week

I tell you, very few things beat the satisfying sound of a laptop clicking shut as the clock strikes 4.30pm on a Friday. More especially if it’s been a productive week. Preparing for a productive work week requires an ample amount of preparation outside of office hours; more especially if you know that it’s an intense one ahead. It might be a bit of a sacrifice of personal time but when the rubber hits the road on a Monday morning, I have always ended up more grateful than regretful for putting in a few extra hours. Below are my little secrets on How I prepare for a productive work week.


You need to have a healthy work life balance; you cannot be expected to work all day every day. After having worked for 5 consecutive days, I generally allow Saturdays to be my “off” days; and by “off” I mean I cannot be bothered to check or respond to a work-related email or task. Sunday is the day I usually allocate for that. I have had a full days break the day before so my brain cells have had a chance to regenerate. I don’t usually work for the whole day unless there is a real crunch, but getting this head start, especially on a Sunday, helps to get your brain into gear on what to prioritize for the week ahead.


I am an early riser. I find that my day is a little less frenzied when I get up earlier as opposed to waking up only when it’s time to get ready for work.  On most days, I am up at 5 am – checking mails and attending to the small tasks that never got attended to the day before etc. This gives me such a boost and a head start as I have already cleared through most of the bitty work that I didn’t get around to doing the day before and that has the potential to form a backlog. During crunch time, I would much rather wake up at 3 am to start my day than stay to up till midnight plugging away in front of my laptop. When working on a weekend, my high concentration tasks are allocated to the morning and everything else can be spaced out during the day. It really is about finding when you are most productive; are you an early bird or would you rather burn the midnight oil?


I have committed to elevating to and operating on a higher level this year in terms of my personal growth. Dedicating time to fulfill my personal endeavours assists in putting me in the head space to actually want to have a productive work week and to smash the goals I have set for myself. Having that sense of motivation from your own goals outside of the workplace will be what drives you to want to have a productive work week as you have something to work towards.

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