How To Care For And Maintain A Pink Wig

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Talk about being alternative yet somehow right on-brand; I decided to experiment with a pink wig and I am not mad – at all. This is something I had been mulling over for a while and eventually, I decided that I needed to be a bit bolder in terms of hair colour; after all, it’s just a wig. I was looking for a more pastel pink with platinum blonde undertones.  Maintaining colour, especially with platinum blonde, can be tricky.  Below I have put together a few pointers on how to care for and maintain a pink wig.


After many days of indecisive scouring through Pinterest and Instagram, I found the look that I had in mind. I have never been a fan of hair that has been dyed one solid colour; I much prefer to have dark roots and then ease into it. The hair had to be pre-dyed in the colour 613 (platinum blonde) to achieve the  pastel pink look I wanted so I ordered the wig on AliExpress and opted for a simple but chic 12-inch bob from the vendor Queen Beauty Hair. When it arrived, my hairstylist took over and coloured it for me. 


While I was pleased with the results when the wig came back, there was something that was just a little too fluorescent pink about it. While I was doing my research on how to care for and maintain pink hair, I recall reading about the importance of toning platinum blonde hair with purple shampoo to remove the brassy-ness and yellow under-tones in bleached hair. 

After rummaging through my bathroom cabinet, I stumbled upon a bottle of purple conditioner I had purchased some time ago to try remedy another blonde (not platinum) wig of mine which had started to look a bit strange in colour. Happy Days! Hopefully, I could reduce some of the yellow in the platinum blonde that was making it look a tad too bright pink. I wet the hair and left the conditioner on for a couple of minutes before rinsing off. When I tell you that my jaw dropped, it is an understatement. The brightness of the pink went RIGHT down and the platinum blonde hues in the hair came through so beautifully. 

TIP NUMBER 1: For hair that was previously dyed the colour 613 and in some instances ( like this one) coloured again, use purple shampoo and conditioner when washing the hair. The bottle might say Silver shampoo/conditioner but the actual liquid should be purple in colour. The explanation behind it is that the purple pigment in the shampoo or conditioner neutralises the yellow and warmth, bringing out a cooler tone to the hair. I used the NuLite Silver Conditioner, which can be purchased at Dischem and on Takealot for R60 – R70 a bottle. 


Since the wig arrived from the supplier bleached blonde, it was already quite parched and in dire need of TLC. Now I had added colour as well heat to it, so it was crying out for some moisture. I picked up the Reflections Silver Hair Mask from Dischem for about R 100 to deep-treat the tresses. I usually leave my normal masks on non-coloured hair for hours. However, due to the sensitivity of this hair colour and the pigment of the mask itself, I didn’t want to risk over-toning the hair.


TIP NUMBER 2: When you care for and maintain a pink wig or any hair that has been bleached to the colour 613, be careful of over-toning. Don’t leave the toning product to soak in for too long, otherwise the hair might absorb too much pigment, leaving it looking dark and a bit muddy.

Maintaining your pink wig

I take a lot of care with my wigs in general so for me, I wouldn’t consider a pink wig being any more maintenance. I moisturise as and when required and don’t go free-for-all on the purple substances. Try not to wash the hair too often.  If you must and it’s been a while, always use a sulphate-free shampoo and at least some purple conditioner if need be.  In as much as I haven’t seen the colour run like it does on red hair, rather err on the side of caution and try to prevent the pink from fading faster than it should. 

TIP NUMBER 3: The hair was already stripped of its moisture when it was bleached blonde. So go easy on the heat; opt for air-drying instead of blow-drying and if you have to use heat, ensure that you have applied a generous amount of heat protecting spray. Try not to make it an everyday wig so as to reduce the need for vigorous brushing and maintenance.

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