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How would I describe myself? A self-contained, lazy perfectionist in a committed relationship with tea. Cool as a cucumber on the outside but squirrel in traffic on the inside. And now I can also say I’m a blogger! I wouldn’t say I’m a complete newbie in the blogosphere though. Back when I was a varsity student, I was involved in the running of three different blogs. I had a personal one where I documented my two cents worth of thoughts and experiences. But it was through a free platform and I had nowhere near the knowledge and (semi) technical skills as I have now. In my honours year, I ran the blog section of the wind orchestra I was a member of (yip, I have a classical music background). In the same year, the honours class was tasked with setting up and running a free website where we shared news and other stories with the purpose of developing our writing and journalistic skills.


Personality Test

Not so long ago, I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator test. The results indicated that I had an INFP-T (the Mediator) personalitywhich stands for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception, Turbulent. The results are quite comprehensive and personally, I found them highly accurate and aligned to me  and my behavioural patterns. Us INFPs are highly imaginative idealists and  creatives who enjoy working independently at our own pace. We are very reserved and most often misunderstood because of that very nature.  We are also likely to become authors; and with the accessibility of the internet, blogging and freelance work are noted as viable alternatives too. So including that and the many other traits that make me an INFP-T, blogging just seemed to reel me back in.


Choosing Lifestyle and Personal Growth

Why Lifestyle and Personal Growth specifically? Well, I didn’t want to niche myself too much so I opted for the Lifestyle category.  I can say though that I am a big product junkie. I love looking for and experimenting with new products – especially beauty and personal care. Shopping trips to Clicks and Dischem are quite the outing for me where I end up burning a very serious hole in my pocket. I am also big on finding new and better ways of improving myself; whether it be mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually and physically. Resources such as self-help books and the occasional Ted Talk are consulted quite often.

No one wants to start a new venture only to remain stagnant. So of course I would love to see this blog grow.  However, I hope to never find myself chasing numbers (engagement, reach, followers) to the extent that I lose the true essence of why I started. For me, this is my creative and narrative outlet. I hope to share my experiences, knowledge and aspirations. With each post, I hope for you to leave feeling inspired and encouraged – whether it’s to outgrow a bad habit or simply splurge on that deep pore cleansing face mask that you had been eyeing out!

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