My 5 Favourite (Pre)Birthday Buys This August

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It’s that time of the year again where I find every reason to splurge and unashamedly send gifts to myself for the whole of August. With it being my crown birthday and all that is happening around us, I am going the extra mile to make myself feel special this month.

Below are 5 of my favourite (pre) birthday buys this August. 

1. Eye Shadow Palette

While I definitely wouldn’t dub myself a makeup artist or an enthusiast, I have some sort of a liking for and an interest in makeup application. For quite some time, I lost interest in the actual process of applying makeup (low-key think what made it worse was the thought of having to go through the removal process later).

However recently I’ve re-developed that liking again and I am even dabbling with eyeshadows now! Me? Eyeshadows? When I have always been wary of the concept of coloured eyelids? I got the Revolution Re-Loaded Newtrals 2 Palette on Takealot for R139 because I was drawn to the beautiful colour scheme and it’s safe to say that I am not disappointed with the colour pay-off and pigment – I think it’s a great palette for beginners who are intimidated by bright colour and are needing something to experiment with and a good price.

revolution reloaded newtrals 2 palette

2. Water Wave Bob

After the hassle I went through with the courier and customs, I would have been very upset if this wig wasn’t what I expected it to be. I don’t know why I slept on AliExpress for so long; and this vendor really came through with a gorgeous water wave bob for only $78 (around R1 300 at the time of purchase). I ordered a similar one for my mom a few months ago from a different vendor and I loved how it looked on me. It’s a little on the high maintenance side to get the curls looking defined but I absolutely love it right now. There’s nothing that my mixture of water and conditioner cannot remedy.

isee water wave bob wig

3. Hot Comb.

I always wondered how Instagram girls got the hairline of their wigs to lay as flat and smooth as they did. Until I discovered the powers that lay with this tool. I haven’t quite mastered how to achieve the same thing but a hot comb has proven very handy in flattening those stubborn areas of a wig like the top part/crown, especially on a freshly washed wig. I purchased mine from ZeeWigs on Instagram for R420.

4. Nude Lippies

OBSESSED. That’s the only way to describe my sentiments about nude lipstick now. Yes, send me nudes! I ordered my latest favourites from Swiitch Beauty and Hermosa Flor Cosmetics (both South African owned brands). I am very much obsessed, especially with the #AirMatte lip crayons from Swiitch Beauty. The shipping was quick, service was impeccable and they even threw in a lip exfoliator and lip balm goodie with my order. I’m hooked. I ordered the shades Thicc and 4:20 (R150 each) from Swiitch Beauty and the shades Ambition and Goal Digger (R280 for the combo) from Hermosa Flor Cosmetics.

5. Makeup-Brush Cleaning Pad

I’ve seen the Youtubers using these and when I saw one at Mr. Price for only R30, I couldn’t resist. I usually just soap my makeup brushes in warm soapy water and then vigorously shake them in the water and try to squeeze the product out of it. This little tool makes brush-cleaning day a bit easier; you just swirl the bristles on the rough parts of the pad and it helps clean the brush quite well.  And it’s only R30.


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