My First Grown Up Fragrance: Narciso Rodriguez Rouge EDP

Narciso Rodriquez Rouge RDP


I celebrated by crown birthday recently and while I shamelessly splurged on myself the entire month before my actual birthday, the Narciso Rodriguez Rouge EDP is probably the one item I can say was my absolute favourite birthday gift to myself. If I could categorise my taste in scents, I would say I am inclined to choose a more “fruity, sweet” smell and that can sometimes come off a bit “juvenile.” A fragrance like the Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy perfume would be a prime example of what usually appeals to me. However, I wanted to try something a bit more “mature”, which is bank-balance friendly but still turns heads without overpowering everyone’s nostrils. After much deliberation, references to Fragrantica, and my banking app, I settled for the Narciso Rodriguez Rouge EDP.


I think for the first time, I can say that I was properly influenced by an influencer to make this purchase. I was so influenced that I ordered the perfume online without knowing how it actually smelt. My absolute favourite Youtuber and South African influencer Cynthia Gwebu raved about this fragrance a couple of times on her channel and so I shortlisted it amongst some other fragrances that I had previously smelled before and liked. But it was the Narciso Rodriguez Rouge EDP that was the chosen one for two reasons: a) it became available for an absolute steal on Takealot b) obviously, I trust my fave.


I wouldn’t call myself a penny-pincher but I have always been hesitant to spend massive amounts of money on things like perfumes or bags; I always believe that there is always something “better” or more beneficial I can channel that money into. Two days before my birthday, the 50 ml Narciso Rodriguez Rouge EDP became available on during a 3-day sale on Takealot for R1 000 less than your other stores like Woolworths and the likes. Did you need to ask me twice? I purchased the fragrance for only R779  – and might I say, it is not marked as  a parallel import.


During my research, I noted that a lot of reviewers described the Narciso Rodriguez Rouge EDP scent as “powdery” or “musky”. I am not very clued up on top notes and base notes but it is described as having noted of Bulgarian rose, iris, and tonka. I am not going to sit here and pretend like I know what all that means, so you can read up about it on Fragrantica. After having ordered it from Takealot, I visited Red Square and asked to test it. The sales assistant advised that I wait a while for it to settle in. Given my usual preferences, I was startled at the scent but I told myself to not panic; something different is not always comfortable. I spent the rest of the day giving intermittent sniffs to my wrist because I absolutely fell in love. As I say, I am not a guru in terms of describing fragrances and their notes so for me when I say it smelt warm, feminine and as they say “like powder”, that’s the best I can do. When I finally got my hands on my order, I immediately unwrapped it from my office desk and spritzed it on my neck and wrists. The bottle is a bit on the heavy side but the red makes it look so stunning, classy and oh so boujie.

The downside is that I can’t seem to smell it on myself as strong as I thought it would smell after spraying, but others seem to be able to and in doing so, have taken well to it. I also caught a whiff on my shirt after I had washed it and was ironing it so it does seem to last longer than I sometimes think.

I am thrilled that this became available at the price it did when it did so I could afford to get my first big girl scent. I am still willing to dabble a bit more in the fragrance field before I say I have found my signature scent.

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