Review: Lemoda Hair from AliExpress

In my previous post, I detailed the various steps to consider and take when ordering hair from AliExpress. In this post, I will be reviewing what I actually bought from Lemoda Hair on AliExpress. 

I’ve never liked compromising on hair quality as I want my wigs to have longevity so for the longest time, I associated quality with cost. Obviously if the hair seems too cheap to be good quality, then you should be skeptical but there is absolutely no need to fork out a fortune for good bundles. No shade, however South Africans have BEEN getting ripped off by local hair companies simply because we didn’t know any better in terms of where the hair is sourced. AliExpress is where the majority of hair boutiques and stores buy their stock. They just slap on their own branding, hike up the price by up to 200 % (!!) and call it a day. Some say it’s scamming, some say it’s purely business – I guess it just depends on how you choose to see it. 


I don’t know how many hair reviews I watched or read and hair stores I shortlisted and compared before I finally decided to give Lemoda hair from AliExpress a try.  The reviews I read or watched were a mixture hits and misses so I was left unsure as to what to expect. I wasn’t keen on spending too much money as this was unfamiliar territory so I opted for shorter length bundles. I am not a fan of closures as I like to play around with my partings, so I got a 12 inch straight frontal and 3x 14 inch straight bundles in the “Peruvian” type (note the inverted commas because I low-key think that country of origin is another marketing gimmick, but that’s a topic for another day).  This comes as a set so you won’t have to order the frontal and bundles separately. Under the specifications, the hair is noted to be Remy hair, which has undergone no chemical processing. At the time that I purchased, the frontal and bundle set was priced at $102,87 (approximately R1 500), which is an absolute bargain if you know how over-priced hair can be in South Africa. 


The hair arrived within 10 working days and was delivered to my door. It was packed in a large zipper bag and came with 2x beige coloured wig caps as an added extra.  The hair felt super silky and soft and had that “new hair” smell – not a pungent, unpleasant one but a slight smell that all new hair has. The bundles were full and the frontal was pre-plucked with some baby hair. I am not yet into the whole bleaching of knots thing yet and I will tell you why. Bleaching knots requires you to pack on a thick layer of concentrated bleach onto the lace. The process loosens the knots of the hair, causing your frontal to bald or shed much faster than usual. I much prefer to use concealer or foundation to tint my lace but I hardly ever do this and I am not stressed about it either. 

Lemoda hair from Aliexpress
LeModa Hair from AliExpress


I took the bundles to the salon to get them made into a wig. Now – the best thing to do after buying hair is to wash it first. If it’s good hair, it will actually look even better after a wash and I’ve found this true with hair that I have bought previously. I used my Tresemme Keratin Smooth Deep Smoothing Mask to wash it. I didn’t let the mask sit into the hair; it was more just to wash off any product that may have been applied to it or any dirt it may have accumulated in the factory.

The time in which it took for the hair to dry was impressive. I squeezed the water out with a towel and then placed it on a clothes rail outside and it dried within 1 hour. Once dry, it took on a wavy pattern which I quite liked. The hair retained its original silkiness and lustre and if I am not mistaken, became even softer (and that is without adding an oil or serum to it).

After a wash, air-dried with no serum or oil applied


I did a brief heat test when before I sent the bundles to the salon to get made into a wig. My straightener heats to 235 degrees and it took the heat quite well. I haven’t used heat on it again post have the wig made and I am sure they did a blow dry and straighten at the salon as well. In terms of shedding, it’s very minimal. One thing I did notice though is the density of the frontal on the one side versus the other side. The individual hairs are more tightly woven on the one side and more sparse on the other. It’s not really noticeable when I wear the wig it but I do have a concern that it might bald quicker, another reason why I am not keen on bleaching knots. 

Overall and so far, this is a definite hit! Lemoda hair from AliExpress definitely met my expectations and I am keen to see how long the hair stays “fresh and flowy” for.

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* hair has not been curled, straightened or blow-dried
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