Review: Safeway 4-in-1 Face & Body Brush

Safeway 4-in-1 Face & Body Brush

Because I am always on the hunt for new and affordable beauty products, I was keen to pick up the Safeway 4-in-1 Face & Body Brush in this month’s personal care shopping trip. Winter has made my skin feel quite tight and dehydrated. I switched face care products a few months ago and while I am very happy with the range, the brand doesn’t have a facial scrub yet to help get rid of dead skin-cell and oil build-up. I am a bit apprehensive with regards to using different brands simultaneously for fear of compromising on the results or upsetting my skin. Even though I have no pimples, my face has been feeling a bit rough to the touch.

As the name suggests, the 4-in-1 Face & Body Brush from Safeway has the functions of 4 brushes in one unit. The pack comes with the 4 interchangeable heads to attach to the brush handle: a larger body buffing brush, a small cosmetic sponge for cleanser and moisturiser application, a small pumice stone for your feet and a smaller facial brush to remove impurities and cleanse the skin. The unit requires 4x AA 1.5v batteries to allow the rotating mechanism to function. These are not included in the pack. The component of the set that I was most interested in was the facial brush as I already use exfoliating bath gloves for my body and I much prefer using my hands to apply face creams and cleansers.

Micellar water has been the saving grace for many of us lazy ones who couldn’t be bothered to do a full facial cleanse after a late night out. I am quite generous with the micellar water when I remove my makeup in that I drench the cotton pad to ensure that I am doing as much of a thorough job as I can. I know that this will never equate to doing a proper, full cleanse but the next morning when I washed my face with the brush, I was never ready for what came off. In terms of how I use it, it’s pretty straight forward and easy. I apply my facial cleanser, wet the bristles, switch the brush on and gently press the bristles against my face while moving all over my face and neck for about 45 seconds.

Safeway 4-in-1 Face & Body Brush

Even though the micellar water tends to do a good job in removing my make-up, the brush assisted in lifting off the stubborn, excess makeup that had remained. The gentle rotating movement left my skin feeling extra smooth and thoroughly cleansed. I was also quite chuffed to see that my foundation applied more beautifully and evenly, which goes to show the importance of having clean canvas to create a more smooth finish to your make-up.

While product efficacy is great, it might be a bit harsh on your skin to use the face brush every day. So I would, at most, use it every alternate day, and that’s if you wear a full face of makeup every day. I am yet to try the other components in the set but it’s safe to say that this power pack should definitely be in your shopping cart. This Safeway 4-in-1 Face & Body Brush is available at Clicks for R179,00.*

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