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Short Courses For The Working Professional

If you are a full time working professional with responsibilities, you don’t have the luxury of ditching your  job to study full time. As a result, short courses and correspondence are probably your best bets for studying further. Learning and education are one of the things that I am super passionate about. A Masters degree is definitely in the pipeline for me; a Ph.D. being the ultimate goal (Yes, Dr. S.P Zondi has a pleasant ring to it, thank you). With the Fourth industrial Revolution throwing a spanner in the works, up-skilling yourself and staying relevant is basically a necessity to avoid becoming redundant. We hear it all the time – “everything is going digital”.   Being in the advertising and marketing space pretty much demands me to move with the times and trends. So I thought I should share a couple of short courses that I have been on and would recommend to anyone who is a working professional but still seeks to study further.

Google Digital Skills For Africa

I started this course towards the end last year but I only finished it a few months ago because you pace yourself; there is no “deadline” as such. When I started, the structure of the modules was quite different to what is it now. Google has now split the modules and categorised them accordingly into various courses instead of lumping all the material together into one. However only one of the courses comes with a certificate upon completion; which is the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing so I would recommend completing that one first if you want to spruce up your resume. Assessments are carried out through watching the videos and then answering the multiple choice questions that follow.  It’s a great course for someone who is looking for a basic understanding of Digital Marketing; whether it be you are already in the industry or you have a business that you would like to market in the online space. I had already done a more in-depth course when I started with this one –  which I elaborate on below – so I found Fundamentals of Digital Marketing relatively easy. Upon completing all the modules, you will take an online assessment and if successfully completed with a  mark of above 80 %, you will then get your certificate with a verifiable license number. And guess what? It’s completely free!

Digital Marketing – University of Cape Town/GetSmarter

This was a course I really underestimated. I thought it would be easy breezy sailing but it was quite comprehensive and demanding; 10 modules in 10 weeks with each module having a written assignment. There are online group activities as well that require you to participate and submit a written response based on what was discussed on the online forum. So in essence, you can say that there are two “assignments”. The great thing about GetSmarter is that they offer a range of different short courses and partner with top universities from around the world; offering you variety and expertise. Upon completion, you receive a certificate from the institution and a confirmation of course completion with all your module results and overall final mark. Even though I would wake up at 1am to complete assignments, I really enjoyed this course. The courses do range in fees, which you can check out on the GetSmarter website.  

With a laptop and good internet connection, there are so many ways that you can upskill yourself from the comfort of your own home and time!


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