So, What’s Going On?

Your 3-month trial membership for the year 2020 is up. Do you wish to subscribe? 

If only it was as simple as that. I hit the ground running in January and never looked back. Professionally, my plate was full in a way that I hadn’t anticipated. And as an added bonus, I started a Marketing Strategy short course which kept me occupied in the extra time I had. My blog grew cobwebs, the next thing we had a pandemic and we were we going under lockdown – and then it was April.

Going under lockdown came with its own sets of troubles and tribulations. An activity as menial as grocery shopping turned into somewhat of a frenzy between The Amazing Race and a treasure hunt. All of a sudden, there was this sudden pressure emanating from social media to emerge from the darkness as new humans entirely – learn a new skill, start a side hustle, memorise and recite four epic poems while preparing to enter Iron Man.


While it probably stems from a positive place, we have slowly become conditioned to feel guilty when we take time to rest. If you aren’t working from home, it’s okay to unwind; to veg out on the couch, do the bare minimum and feel good while you are at it. Most of our lifestyles command a lot from us mentally, physically and emotionally so toiling away when you don’t really need to doesn’t work in your favour. While we wait to go back to the new normal, let’s prioritize our state of wellbeing as often as we can.

My side, I am hoping to ride this wave and make it out the other side intact. All while  publishing more regularly instead of being triggered only when my hosting debit order goes off.

Chat soon,


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