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The School Of Hard Knocks

A third of the year done and dusted and if I could summarise it into one phrase I would say: The School Of Hard Knocks. Not proud to admit but I also haven’t been blogging as often as I should or originally wanted to. I have been navigating through a somewhat rocky patch in my personal life. However that being said, I am the type of person who likes to look out for the positives in an otherwise unfavourable situation. In doing so, I have found the opportunity to regroup and go back to the drawing board. In our fast-paced lives and the immense pressure in which we find ourselves in, we start to  become like hamsters on a wheel; just going and going and creating this sense of monotony and repetitiveness in our lives without even realising it.  Which is why I am glad to have sort of been forced off that wheel as it has made be re-look and re-align myself with my goals.  When someone told me recently to get my act together, those words really resonated within me. They made me think; not even about the issue that was at hand but about me in the bigger scheme of things. I could go on forever but I do believe that sometimes you have to serve your time in The Pits in order to shift your mindset from one gear into another. One of the other realisations that I have come to is that I absolutely have to invest more time into my blogging so I am really looking forward to creating some awesome written content! So, here’s to meeting new people, trying new things and going to new places! Chat soon, PZ
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